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We're a mining consultancy service with experience in the international mining arena that extends across Australia, South Africa and the Pacific Islands through Copper, Gold, Diamonds, Manganese and Bauxite.

Our suite of services include technical professional advice and support on: 

  • various mining methodologies, 
  • safety management systems, 
  • business management systems, 
  • mine planning systems, 
  • business improvement systems, 
  • project management services and 
  • training & assessment services.

As part of our ad hoc services we also provide cloud based solutions, e.g. website development and hosting. 

Please see below for more information on the services we offer.

MinCo’s Mining Expertise...

We possess a high degree of underground mining experience covering the following methodologies.

  • Sub-level stoping practices,
  • Board and pillar mining,
  • Blast-hole open stoping,
  • Vertical crater retreat,
  • Block caving practices,
  • Stope undercutting practices,
  • Stope ledge establishment (ledging),
  • Remnant/pillar extraction operations,
  • Steep vertical overhand and underhand mining,
  • Horizontal and vertical tunnelling or development.

Our experience include the establishment of infrastructure to enable mining.

Our surface mining experience extend across:

  • Strip mining (dozer strip and truck and shovel pre-strip),
  • Mountainside cutting, and
  • Open pit bench mining.

MinCo Technical Services...

We possess extensive technical professional experience in mine planning environments (designing, aggregating, scheduling, measuring and analysis) that extends across short, medium and long term planning ranges. This service include survey designs for execution and quality control for managing risk.

We also provide services for engineering maintenance plans. Put us to the test!

Project Management Services...

MinCo will benefit your business with its expertise on capital and operating cost projects through conceptualisation, financial evaluations, risk assessments, definition study, scheduling & execution tracking and control. We believe that proper front-end loading (FEL) of your project/s ensures on-time and on-budget delivery.

To date we have completed work on projects to the value of AU$140 million.

Business Analysis & Improvement...

Considering our extensive experience in mining we know what it takes to do the job right. With a clear strength and passion to establish fit-for-purpose systems and processes that motivate and facilitate participation, we provide the following specialised services and solutions to our clients.

  • Behavioural based safety (BBS) systems,
  • Self directed work-team training,
  • Scorecards and dashboards aligned to strategic business objectives, and
  • Clarifying business goals, strategy alignment and general problem solving.

Training & Assessment Services...

We also provide certified training and assessment services through the development of your training materials and assessment tools.

[National competency: TAE40110 Certificate IV]

Other Services...

MinCo also provide the following ad-hoc services.

  • Waste dump management and scheduling,
  • Development of your control documents, e.g.  manuals, procedures, etc.
  • Software and spreadsheet solutions,
  • Website development and maintenance, domain registration and hosting,
  • Design development and printing of promotional materials, incl. business cards.

Put us to the test!

No business is too big or too small for us. Whether you’re new and needing advice on technical aspects or a business framework, or whether you are an established business looking for better ways to do the job, with our support you will find better solutions to  achieve your goals. Guaranteed!

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